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With excellent long-term relationships with the nation’s media for over 25 years, De Waal & Associates understands the dynamics of public relations and how to service clients. Representing a wide spectrum of entertainment luminaries and corporate brands, De Waal, an intimate boutique firm, offers a more personalized alternative to larger public relations companies. Each client receives meticulous one-on-one attention and custom-designed strategic campaigns.

Our service-intensive firm is proficient in a wide cross-section of public relations, and limits its client size to allow for personal dedication. We work diligently with clients to understand their business, to develop creative, effective ways to communicate their stories, and to carry out campaigns that meet objectives and deliver results. Bringing fresh ideas to the table, our company departs from 'traditional' P.R. tactics and develops creative 'out-of-the-box' campaigns. Through innovation and keen execution, we deliver highly-personalized and results-oriented promotion.

Our company’s extraordinary track record in media placement and client coverage is exemplified by a roster of long-term clients. The firm started with a very intimate client base of celebrities and has expanded gracefully into the world of architecture and design. With such a personalized, detail-oriented approach, we have garnered a reputation as one of the industry's best-kept secrets. The key to our success is tenacity and good old-fashioned know-how.