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“Hire her, she will make you a Star.”
-Dan Meis, FAIA, architect, The Staples Center

“If you are looking for a publicist that will give you excellent advice, always work hard for you, and most importantly get results, then Lori De Waal is who you need.“
-William Sanderson, actor

“Years of association with Lori and company has garnered tremendous exposure…her relationships and efforts allow us to concentrate on our work, knowing that it will be exposed to the best venues for publication.”
-Grant C. Kirkpatrick, AIA

“Passionate, hardworking, and considerate, she infuses her clients with the exciting possibilities of accomplishments and upward movement! She makes good - and beyond good - on every promise. She continuously turns over every rock, looks in every cranny, and extracts all potential available resources for her clients. She is available, intuitive, creative, a true artist in her field! To anyone looking for someone to believe in them, to challenge them, to encourage them, and to have fun with them, De Waal PR is the golden prize!”
-Tanna Frederick and Henry Jaglom, actor and director

“From the start she was able to get immediate results, and on a consistent basis goes the extra mile to look out for my best interests.”
-Stephen Francis Jones, AIA, architect, Spago

“Much of the success I have enjoyed over the years is attributable to her efforts on my behalf. Lori may be the hardest working person in the public relations business.”
-James Reynolds, actor

“Kid, if you handled me 50 years ago, we’d own this town.”
-The late Rod Steiger, Academy Award winning actor

“There has been no one more effective in getting the A-level media attention than Lori De Waal. Lori knows how to generate the kind of positive exposure that can have a huge impact and truly make a difference in a person's career.”
-Ernie Hudson, actor

“Lori De Waal is one of the best publicists I have ever had the good fortune and pleasure to work with. She is tirelessly focused and energetic and deals in results not empty promises.”
-Michael York, actor

“She has worked closely with me, guided me, and worked tirelessly to find the right media to get our story out.”
-Robert Boris, writer/director

“I have worked with a number of publicists in many capacities and none have brought me the kind of press I was looking to achieve, and have been easier to work with than Lori De Waal. Lori truly “gets it” and has created a tremendous amount of exposure across a range of outlets.”
-Erinn Valencich, interior designer

“Lori De Waal is the hardest working, most effective, most dedicated, most professional publicist in Hollywood. I never cease to be amazed by all the press/publicity Lori generates single-handedly.”
-Susan Zachary, The Marshak/Zachary Company, personal manager

“She takes personal pride in handling your career and is persistent yet professional in all of her pursuits. Quite frankly, she's the best.”
-Tom Dreesen, comedian

“To have our message consistently delivered to a myriad of media outlets with such a high level of professionalism allows me to focus on the other challenges of business ownership knowing that we are in the best of hands.”
-James Swan, interior designer

“Lori De Waal is the hardest working person I know or have ever met. She has been an amazing asset to my career. She is the kind of person that not only has the ideas but is relentless in implementing them. In the world of PR this is the person a mold should be made of.”
-Mindy Sterling, actor

“Lori De Waal does everything right. She thoughtfully planned a steady media presence. She built valuable relationships for me with editors. Before I knew it, I was everywhere!“
-Chris Barrett, interior designer

“It is refreshing to have such a creative person come on board our projects to ensure our years of creativity don't go unnoticed. Her "non-cookie cutter" approach allows her to tailor her efforts to maximize your dollars spent.”
-Chris Fetchko, producer/writer

“She is the hardest worker and she protects you and cares about you like no one else I have ever known and I have been in this business for over 50 years.”
-Shelley Morrison, actor

“I knew I wanted to work with Lori De Waal when she would approach me with ideas and suggestions while I worked at the Associated Press. Intelligent, informed, loyal, enterprising, very hard-working, encouraging, and supportive…all those things and more.”
-Mary Lyon, author/artist

“Lori De Waal has always provided services that were above the level of expectations and executed with class and a high degree of professionalism. I recommend her services to anyone who is in need of professional public relations services that require the highest skill and consistency. “
-Tim Reid, actor/producer/director/author

"Lori can be counted on to work tirelessly.  She provided press for Project Save our Surf, a benefit for Oceana, and because of her hard work and seemingly endless connections in the industry, our event received the maximum exposure possible. We look forward to working with Lori on future projects as Oceana works to protect and restore our oceans."
-Nancy Christiano, Development Manager, Oceana

“Lori is amazing. She is hard working, clever, and thinks outside of the box. When hiring a publicist you are hiring someone who represents your name, Lori does this with passion, style, and enthusiasm…Lori you rock!"
-Wanda N. Colon, host TLC’s Home Made Simple

"Everyone she works for is a top priority.  She's one of the hardest working publicists in Hollywood."
-Jamie Masada, The Laugh Factory

“You can't get a better publicist than Lori De Waal. Hardworking, persistent, sweet and result-oriented, what more can you ask for in a publicist?”
-Alexandra Guarnieri, Managing Director, Edgemar Center for the Arts

“De Waal PR is one of the BEST firms with which I've ever been involved. Their efforts are tireless, and more importantly, the results are real and measurable. Kudos for the super coverage Lori and her team garners, and for their infectious enthusiasm and unmatched follow-through.”
-Natalie Burdick, Development Manager, Heal the Bay

"The De Waal team was fantastic to work with on Project Save Our Surf's SURF 24 event. Their dedication, hard work and unbridled professionalism yielded fantastic results both in the media and among the attendees at the event."
-Alexis Henry, Communications Manager, Surfrider Foundation

"I have worked with many public relations companies and beyond a doubt Lori and her staff at De Waal Public Relations generates impressive media results while being incredibly professional, thorough and tenacious."
-Lisa Scolman, Book That Event

"There is only one reason that my book made the Best-seller list: Lori De Waal. Lori De Waal is the greatest, most passionate publicist and all-around advocate that a person could have, and she brilliantly and relentlessly finds tremendous opportunities to promote you and your career. If you have the opportunity to work with her, find anyway possible to say "YES!" to her ASAP. This will be the greatest investment you ever made in your career."
-Brooke A. Wharton, author "The Writer Got Screwed (but didn't have to)"

"Lori De Waal has it all, dedicated and hardworking, imaginative and supportive. Lori can get you to places that others can't!"
-Jan Creamer, CEO and President of Animal Defenders International

“Four Day Weekend is having a hard time keeping up with the interview demands Lori is arranging for us. We've gotten more press in the past 4 months than we have in the last 10 years.”
–David Wilk, Four Day Weekend Comedy

“Thank you for being such a powerful and dedicated supporter of us and our labor of love. What you accomplished in getting our film promoted is nothing less than miraculous. I am stunned and thrilled with the coverage we received. It was beyond all expectations! It wouldn’t have happened without your massive talent, experience, relationships and above all dedication.”
-Walter Dominguez, producer/director, Chasing Light Pictures, LLC

“I'm fairly certain Lori De Waal does not ever sleep! It is the only explanation I can come up with for her astounding level of productivity. She is persistent, professional, organized, accessible and incredibly invested in her clients. (In fact she believes in me so much and wants me to succeed so bad… It's almost like having another 'Good Jewish Mom' on my side!)."
-Abra Liberman-Garrett, author “The Maccabee on the Mantel”

“A lot of people in Hollywood will promise you the world but Lori De Waal delivers on this promise. I would never work with another PR firm. They worked day and night.”
-James Wilder, actor

“I was looking for the right PR company because my previous experience was not successful. Lori’s clients are mainly in the entertainment business but I liked that she was not limited to just beauty accounts, thereby, able to reach out to more people, think out of the box and be creative (which she is at 200% !). She is extremely hard working, and has shown to be very result-oriented from the start.”
-Lucie Herlin, Director of Marketing, Acorelle

“Lori De Waal is the hardest working PR person I have ever encountered. She moves with dizzying speed and efficiency to create opportunities and is willing to take the time to solve any problems that might arise. Her range of contacts is enormous, and she seems to have a personal relationship with each person on her list.”
-Joe Marks, President/CEO, Baudelaire, Inc.

“Lori is complete, competent and first rate. Hiring Lori will make a great and positive difference in your professional life. I could not be more happy with anyone.”
-Chris Tritico , criminal defense attorney

"I have had three publicists in my career but until I was fortunate enough to find Lori, I never understood the power of a REAL Hollywood PR pro. I have unique needs and Lori utterly understands them. Moreover, she's able to customize her services to fit "me." She's driven, knowledgeable, delightfully sweet and honest. Traits we all need to cultivate."
-Rob Paulsen, actor

“How much do I love Lori??? Let me count the ways…no wait we don’t have that much time. Just know this: there is no one who works harder, knows more about PR and is all around as awesome, fun and easy to work with than Ms. Lori De Waal. You can’t go wrong. She knows her stuff!!!”
-Adam Shell, filmmaker

“Lori is the best in the business! I am so fortunate to have her on my dream team! She is so supportive and smart! If you want the best PR hire Lori.”
-Megan Cavallari, tv/film composer

“Lori has been amazing! She is consistently on top of her game and in contact with numerous publication and press opportunities. We have loved working with her and continue to do so because of the great success she has brought to our studio.”
-Christopher L. Mercier, AIA, (fer) studio

“I’m blown away by the amazing job you have been doing for us. You’re the best!”
-Randy Rogel, songwriter “Animaniacs”

“Lori was always the go-to person when things needed to blast off! She is persistent, personable, and professional in all of her pursuits. I think she’s the best.”
–Daphne Maxwell Reid, actor

“Lori is an incredibly hard worker, a hustler and shows results early out of the gate.”
-Lucia Singer McCarthy, Marketing Director, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

"Lori De Waal works hard to ensure that absolutely every opportunity is considered when it comes to getting our organization covered in the media. I never believed how much attention she would bring to us! Thank you, Lori!"
-Shelley Callahan, Director of Development, Children Incorporated

“Lori is old school pick up the phone and get it done and cutting edge think out of the box innovative. In a world where many blow superficial she's the real deal at elevating any career, book, film or corporate entity. I couldn't be happier as her client and friend. Within twenty four hours of joining she had my head spinning and face grinning with the sheer number of appearances in print, podcast sand events - all in swift organized fashion. I'd never go elsewhere.”
-Patrick Kilpatrick, actor

“Lori has been absolutely indispensible in getting my name, face, and story out there. After only one week I was asking myself why I waited so long, and imagining how much momentum she would have generated for me on my past projects. Lori has developed tremendous resources and contacts over her years as a publicist, and has gotten me a multitude of interviews across all media platforms. As the Queen of call-backs, she doesn’t stop until a thing is done, and she does it with grace and integrity.“
–Kirk Taylor, actor

"Lori is the hardest worker in the biz. She covers every inch of this town one email at a time! And she returns your calls... old school. I love working with her."
-Jason Stuart, actor/comedian

“Lori is an absolute pleasure to work with: a consummate, down-to-earth professional with an amazing network of contacts. She's a true PR magician and one of the hardest working people I know.”
-Allyson Fields, Marketing Manager, Viva Editions

“Lori is the most tenacious and dedicated professional I have ever met. You better be ready to take your business to the next level when you add her to your team!”
-Stephanie Wolff, President, Launch Medical

“We have had the opportunity to work with a long list of publicists and publicity departments over the years and never felt as comfortable, cared for or productive with anyone as we do with Lori. She’s driven, creative, hard working, thorough, passionate and effective.”
-Eric & Eliza Roberts, Actor

“Lori is one of the best publicists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The tenacity she shows her clients is incredible. It’s great to see someone who always goes the extra mile.”
-Jarred Weisfeld, Start Publishing

“Whether you call her a PR genius or a miracle worker, Lori delivers results! Her tireless dedication and persistence has netted phenomenal results for my clients, landing them worldwide media coverage that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Lori!”
—Jessica Alvarez, Literary Agent, BookEnds Literary

"Lori works incredibly hard for her clients, and with so much enthusiasm! It's refreshing to see someone who really believes in the projects and clients she's promoting, and her passion leads to great results."
-Hannah Bennett, Start Publishing

"You can't ask for a better publicist than Lori, she is all in with you, committed to the core, passionate about her clients. She's truly invested in the projects that we're working on. Lori is a gem."
-Michelle Danner, filmmaker

"I’ve been with Lori DeWaal for at least 20 years in my career I have had wonderful experiences with this woman and she has handled publicity all over the world for me I love her dearly and would never trade her with another person. My advice, sign up!"
-Larry Manetti, actor

"I have worked with many p.r. firms, large and small, over my 50 year career in the entertainment business, I have never worked with anyone with a better attitude and greater productivity than Lori and De Waal Associates. She is attentive, professional, and active every single week in getting the word out about our Media Path podcast. I give De Waal the highest possible recommendation.”
-Fritz Coleman, retired KNBC weathercaster/host Media Path Podcast

"I have never worked with a more diligent and effective PR Representative! Lori gets it done and then some. Clear your schedule because Lori lines up press opportunities that will delight and amaze you. We could not be happier with her work!"
-Louise Palanker, director/writer Family Band: The Cowsills Story/host Media Path Podcast

"Lori DeWaal has been my publicist for over 20 years. Her insights, knowledge of the business and dedication to her clients is always first rate. And she has a great sense of humor. One of the best, ever."
-Thaao Penghlis, actor

“I was in total panic mode when a friend referred me to Lori. We clicked the moment we met. Lori hit the ground running and hasn't stopped! Lori zeroed in on the best opportunities to gain exposure for my book. Plus, she has trustworthy contacts across a wide variety of media platforms. There is no doubt Lori's creativity and experience increased my book sales and gave me the visibility to possibly sell my book in ancillary markets.”
- Shelley Herman, author My Peacock Tale: Secrets of an NBC Page

"Lori De Waal is great at what she does. She's accessible, responsive and a real go-getter. If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level, she's the one."
- Valerie Debler, producer “Miranda’s Victim”

"Lori is a work horse, and relentless with not only pitching but landing top notch interviews. I brought her on to represent our film Roswell Delirium and I was so impressed with her resiliency and dedication to ensure that our film had a voice."
-Richard Bakewell, director